Family Practice FAQ’s

1. What is family medicine?
Family Medicine is a medical specialty devoted to patient –centered comprehensive health care for people of all ages. Family doctor will improve your health outcome, takes care of the chronic and acute medical conditions, including mental and relationship concerns.

2. Why should I have a family doctor?
It is very important to have a family doctor, since he/she will improve your health outcomes, takes care of the chronic and acute medical conditions, including emotional and relationships concerns. In addition, when necessary your family doctor will do the appropriate referral to specialists to provide you with the best care.

3. Are all services covered under OHIP?
While most of the medical services covered under OHIP, there are few services that are not covered, please contact the clinic to get more information in this regard.

4. Can I book an appointment?
You can only book an appointment from Monday to Friday if you are part of the family practice and registered with the family doctor. Otherwise, you can always walk-in at any time and we will be happy to serve you.

 5. Is Cornwall Medical clinic a teaching unit?
Cornwall Medical clinic has been recognised by University of Toronto as a community teaching unit and provides teaching for medical students. You might encounter a medical student during your visit to CMC, and the nurse or doctor will gladly answer all your questions in this regard.

6. Do you have lab services at CMC?
Cornwall Medical clinic is a collection site for Life Labs. While most of the blood tests are done at CMC, there are certain tests that unfortunately we are unable to do. Please check with the doctor or nurse when you present to the clinic for your blood test.